czwartek, 29 września 2016

Attribute of woman

 What make that every woman feel that she ist he most beautiful woman in the world? Of course a dress. The dress is attribute of woman! We feel in this so sexy and very beautiful. This ist he best outfit fort he date but not only. The dress could you wear to work, school if you go to a shopping.  Anywehere you go you will feel wonderful. On the page stylewe you will find many typest of dress and I’m sure that you will choose somthing special for you. I choosed three dress which I fall in love.
 The fisrt is maxi dress for a special occasion I will wear this dress for a prom or the weeding. Color this dress is cute because is pink and I think that all of you love this propsition
 The second is black bandage dress which I choose for a date. This dress have long sleeves which are look very sexy
 The last is mini dress which will be perfect for familly dinner and fort he party with the friends

 I hope that you will love this outfit as like as I was.